Bitch Stop clips

Bitch Stop clips
I know Dan and Petr for a long time and over the years we did a lot of rascalities together. We even fucked a few chicks in threesome (at that time, it was camera free fuck). When they told me about their project Bitch Stop, I was realy envious. Recently me and Dan sat in a pub, where he told me, he can no longer continue taping for Bitch Stop, because he’ll be leaving for work abroad. That brought me to an idea witch I always wanted to try. Since me and my colleague drive all around this country because of our work, I decided to take over for those poor lads. Fucking hitchhikers is nothing new for me and Karel, we already had our share of those , so the only slight difference would be taping it with camera. My colleague was so excited, he brought cam right the next day (you never know smile) and we took a trip. Unfortunately, we had no luck that day. However we got luck only two days later. We were in pretty big rush that day, because nobody realy likes late arrival for business meeting – especialy not at monday – but when we saw that chick, we just couldn’t resist. Young lady realy didn’t mind us waving our camera in front of her and she told us about her, that she’s a student. To be honest, she looked so darn young, I almost checked her ID. During our ride, I was already getting pretty horny, but restrained myself, thinking we should try to be in work on time. However our young student felt natures calling and needed to pee. We went off road a bit, stopped and she ran to some bush nearby. Once she was gone, we thought it could be fun to tape her there (please do not mistake tape for rape :o)) As you can imagine, we kinda pissed her off. Being veteran experienced on battledfields of all kinds of business meetings and god know what kinds of briefings and pretty much all the other –ings you can think of, I digged my inert ability to convince a pig to fly and made my best effort to make this chick show us her tits. As always, you can check if I succeeded or not on our vid. Have fun!

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