Bitch Stop full videos

Bitch Stop full videos
It was saturday afternoon and autumn still didn’t realize, that weather should cool down a bit. Since me and Karel promised our friend to help him with preparation for a smaller party later that day, we went on our way soon after lunch. As always, we packed camera just in case something would happen. I thought it could be nice to catch some pretty hitchhiker, lure her to our party and… I think you know what. On our road, we did saw a few, but nothing good enough to stop those bitches. Until one cute blonde came in our way. She sat near some tiny park and I thought: „Ah what the hell, let’s give it a try“. When I told her to join us, she hesitated quite a bit. No wonder – who would enter a car where two horny studs with camera are drooling over her. On the other hand, though hesitant, it wasn’t all that difficult to talk her into joining us. She waited for bus and that‘s always a long wait during weekends. Sometimes its better to risk ride with two lustful guys, then sink under falling leaves from nearby trees. That chick was fine, she told us, her name is Simona and she just visited her friend. Of course wasted no time and tried to fing my way to her pants straight away. That chick laughed quite a lot and when I mentioned it, she said something about endorfins. Which scared me a bit – what if she’s too smart for us (you can trust me – smart chick equals all talk and no fun at the end). Luckily she was anything but genius. We saw her boobies without even trying hard. And she even missed Karels accidental admition of our real intentions with that camera. Thank god for simle girls. Before we arrived at desired destination, Karel had some business to do with one of his friends, so we stopped and I went on short trip with my fresh soon to be trophy. I’m sure you can imagine, what happened next (if not, just check those pictures below). That chick was good. I wouldn’t mind to meet more of those. By the way, if you’re wondering, what was so important, that Karel had to leave and miss that cool fuck, you’ll love this. He went to get some freshly skinned rabbit, his friend promised him the day before. Don’t know how about you, but I’d rather fuck some cute hitchhiker.

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