Bitch Stop movies

Bitch Stop movies
On our way to Prague, we met a hitchhiker, who needed to reach Melnik. Her name was Klara. She didn’t mind the cam and openly admited, she’s about to meet her friend and go to a party somewhere, since it’s friday. When we asked, wheter she would show us her boobs, we got refused. She was shy, but also pretty curious. All it took was a bit of convincing and eventualy we not only got to see her boobs, but also to feel them. Unfortunately for Peter, he had to stay in front driving the car, so all he could was watching in rear mirror. Klara told us, she works as barmaid on disco. We had to stop by Peters brother for a while and I took the oportunity to go for a walk with her. Klara was cold, so we went to garage. I knew it there, since we already had some fun there before. I offered Klara some cash to show me more, then her boobs. Klara tried playing hard to get and on our vid you can see yourself, how it went.

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